Wyver Lane Firing Range

November 11th, 2014

Built around 1890, Belper’s Wyver Lane firing range wall was later used to train men for the First World War. It was used by many regiments to prepare for action as it was a very long range, possibly the longest in the Midlands.

It is a very impressive structure, with stone base and brick top, probably indicating that it has been heightened at some point.

It is hoped to obtain funding to remove the vegetation and create some interpretation boards to inform walkers along the nearby footpath of the heritage of the magnificent edifice and the part it played in Derbyshire’s past.

The scars of successful shots are clearly visible on the exposed brickwork.

We know that there are other firing range walls around the county and these, plus the practice trenches, are a real link to the men who fought. We would be very interested to know if anyone has any information of these; letters, family stories etc. that mention training on such things. Are there other structures you know of in the county that were used to train men, or have a link to the War in some way?

We have been told that there was a loading platform on the Cromford, High Peak railway for requisitioned horses. If anyone has any knowledge of this it would be very interesting. Please get in touch.