Two Names, Five Wives, Three Fiancees & Three Regiments

February 20th, 2015

If you thought it would be hard to leave your wife and go to fight, try leaving five…… and three fiancées….and three regiments!


At Kent Assizes yesterday, TOM WILKINSON, alias TOM WILLIAMS, 38, a sapper in the Royal Engineers, was convicted of bigamy, and was sentenced to seven years’ penal servitude. He had already received seven years’ penal servitude at Derby Assizes for another bigamy. It was proved he had gone through ceremonies of marriage with five women, and that at the time of his arrest he was making arrangements to marry three other young women. He had deserted from three different regiments.

The Times, 28 June 1918

Six out of eight criminal cases at the Derby Assizes yesterday were charges of bigamy.

The Times, 2 July 1918