Training and Conference

June 6th, 2014

One of the big things we want to do is make sure that people are happy that they have that right skills to be able to put on the event they want to, or carry out the project they have planned. We are putting together a programme of training and a conference that we hope will help.

We would appreciate it if you could tell us what training or help you feel you are most in need of. Initial research showed that groups wanted support with content and style of events; forming partnerships and funding, these are covered by the Project Officer role, so if you need help there, contact Glynn Wilton.

Other subjects were inter-generational work; creating web sites and social media; research; oral history recording; exhibition design; creating the right atmosphere for events; recruiting volunteers; promotion and publicity and creating green community spaces.

Now that some time has passed and you may be further down the line, are these still the subjects you would like help with and which are the most important to you? Please let us know by contacting Glynn and we will try to arrange appropriate training sessions.

The conference is intended to give you an overview of things, where help is available; the Record Office, museums, libraries,  a view of the War itself with a Derbyshire bias and the big themes; the home-front, women, food, enemy aliens, conscientious objectors, enlistment, returning home and a session on ideas about how to sustain your project to give lasting benefits and results.

Please get in touch and let us know what you think.

[email protected]