Sue’s Soldier

March 25th, 2015

A well known member of the local studies staff here, Sue Peach, has her own family’s collection of First World War memorabilia, passed on by her granddad, George Henry Slater. A large part of it has been displayed in the exhibition cases in the reception of the Record Office.

It is a marvellous collection and includes an iron cross, presumed to have been picked up on the battlefield by Sue’s granddad, his darts, postcards and letters and much more. Anyone planning a visit to the Record Office should take the opportunity to have a look. Or if you are simply interested in seeing the collection you are free to do so until mid-April.

It is possible to display your own material in the cases if you wish. Any groups who have gathered together interesting material which could be displayed in the cases, please contact Karen Millhouse here at the Record Office on 01629 538347