Discovering Vera Brittain

September 22nd, 2016

Vera Brittain was born in Newcastle-under-Lyme, but grew up in Buxton. When war broke out, she joined the British Red Cross as a nursing assistant and served at the Devonshire Auxiliary Hospital in Buxton tending wounded soldiers.

On 28th June 1915 she wrote Very few come straight from the trenches, it is too far, but go to another hospital first. One man in my ward had six operations before coming and is still almost helpless.”

During the course of the war she lost many of her close friends, including her much loved brother, Edward, her fiancé Roland and two other friends George and Victor. Her wartime experiences led her to become an anti-war campaigner and at the start of the Second World War she declared herself a pacifist and joined the Peace Pledge Union.

On selected Sundays throughout the winter Discover Buxton tours are performing their tale of Vera Brittain and the wounded soldiers at The Devonshire Dome, now the University, in  Buxton. The first of these is this Sunday at 2pm. Booking is necessary and the cost is £8 per person. For more details see their website