Centre for Hidden Histories

October 3rd, 2014

Derbyshire Lives has formed links with the Centre for Hidden Histories, based in the University of Nottingham, the project is interested in aspects of the War that are not the traditional image of the trench warfare on the Western Front and the way that the War is viewed by different sectors of the community. It is interested in the way that society now views the War in relation to communities such as the Sikh soldiers who fought and those from other regions of the Empire and stories from those who were displaced from their homes. Derbyshire took Belgian refugees during the War.

The Centre reminds us that the first shot fired by a British soldier in the First World War was by an African soldier in Africa.

The Centre will look to work with communities to find these stories and hidden themes. Then it will use a network of other participating universities to find an academic with a specialism in the area being investigated. In this way it hopes to help communities research aspects of their past they may not have otherwise known.

Get in touch with the Centre at: [email protected]nottingham.ac.uk, or phone Michael Noble on 0115 7484942