Blackwell Parish in WW1

November 17th, 2016

My thanks go to Tony Mellors who has told me about a project he’s working on where he puts together stories of the people of Blackwell Parish across the years 1914 to 1918. Not just the soldiers who went away to fight, but all of those who carried on at home.  The information is published every quarter in his newsletter ‘Blackwell Parish in WW1 – the years 1914 -1918 and made available online as a blog post  The newsletter brings together entries from sources such as newspapers, parish magazines and parish registers and makes fascinating reading.  It really is a lovely way to look back and to bring these stories to life once again.

Along with this the parish church light a candle for each of the soldiers who lost their lives, on the Sunday closest to the 100th anniversary of their death.

Have a look at Tony’s blog.  There are two years worth of these newsletters now and it is building into a wonderful record of life in the parish – life that must have been mirrored countless times across the country.