What project will you do?

You’ve probably already got a project in mind but if not, then we’ve already identified some subject areas that are under-researched, where we’d welcome heritage projects.  This isn’t an exhaustive list, so if you’ve an idea for a project that isn’t covered here, then please do speak to us. Look at our Derbyshire’s Commemoration pages for examples of projects that have already been successful.

 First World War projects:

  • Hospitals used to treat the wounded locally
  • What happened to local industry during the war
  • What was life like for returning soldiers
  • The role of women and children during the war

Oral History projects:

  • Memories of working in Derby and Derbyshire industries
  • Memories of the Second World War

For more information about oral history projects, take a look at how to collect oral histories.

Other projects:

  • Migration and minority ethnic communities
  • Disability history
  • Health and wellbeing

Once you’ve got an idea don’t make these common mistakes:

  • Don’t do something that’s already been done.  Make sure the subject of your project is a new one.  Before you get too far in your planning, check whether someone has already carried out a similar project.  You can ask us, and if you decide to apply for funding you can ask your funder.
  • Don’t do something that’s similar to another project.  Make yours different from others by hooking it around an event, topic or angle that is unique to your group or community.
  • Don’t make your topic too wide ranging.  Your project needs to be specific, so narrow down the dates you’re looking at, the geographical area and subject(s) until you’re sure it has a clear focus and is manageable.  Do take note of gaps in the historical record that need filling as they will give your project strength.