How to preserve your project archive

It’s likely that your project will produce a long term legacy in the form of an archive. This archive may include research resources that you created during your project, such as oral history recordings, a website, film or book about the heritage you uncovered.

Of equal historical importance, though, are the records created in devising and managing the project itself: your bid documents, meetings, evaluation, photographs of your events, and so on.  These will tell future researchers about the kinds of projects that happened locally, how they were run and what they achieved.

The Derbyshire Record Office will preserve and provide access to your project archive forever, free of charge.  However, we can’t guarantee to accept an archive, unless it arrives:

  • By prior appointment
  • Pre-sorted and weeded (we’ll provide a list of what’s wanted)
  • With a detailed contents list (we’ll provide a template for the list)

Some of your records may be in a digital format and we can give you advice on the preservation of these.

We can provide training on organising and cataloguing archives, as part of our training programme. Your project legacy is an important part of your project, so make sure that the time needed to prepare the archive, and any training costs, have been included in your bid.