Help For Your Project

Community groups and how we can help

With the Derbyshire Lives Through the First World War project, we want to help reveal the history and heritage of Derbyshire communities in the First World War. Each community will have its story to tell, many will have a heritage that is unique.

Derbyshire mills made camouflage netting and underwear for the troops, Derbyshire stone was used for many tens of thousands of war graves, Derbyshire lead was used in bullets, a Chesterfield pottery made jugs for rum rations, Derbyshire towns and villages pulled together and supported the war effort, but most of all, Derbyshire men served with distinction throughout the conflict.

Are you a heritage group, a local history society, a museum or heritage site or an arts organisation planning a commemorative event?

If you, your community group, your museum, or even your knitting circle is thinking of commemorating the centenary, let us know. Even if you don’t really need help from us, we might be able to put you in touch with other groups doing similar work which could help you both.

What we can do for you… 

o   We can help you to turn your ideas into a funding bid and help apply for grants

o   We can advise on things you might need to know to make the project a success, e.g. how to evaluate your project, what outcomes are and how to achieve them

o   We can help interpret your research to create exhibitions

o   We have display cases that can be hired to enhance your exhibition and ensure that objects are displayed safely and securely

o   We can help you deal properly with historical objects and documents that might be loaned to you as part of the project

o   We can provide training in accessing archives and preserving your own records

o   We can help you find other advice and information, e.g. how to conduct an oral history project and where to find an artist, a writer or poet

o   We can help communities to engage with their past and promote a longer lasting interest in local history.

Derbyshire businesses may also have plans to play a role in the commemorations; shop window dressing, marking up vehicles with commemorative messages or organising an event in the workplace to mark important dates. Local businesses may want to offer financial support to a commemorative project in their local community or offer in kind contributions such as the loan of equipment, venues, transport or other services. Such support, however small, can be invaluable to groups building a larger funding bid to grant organisations such as the Heritage Lottery Fund who have a specific First World War funding stream.

Perhaps your business played a role in the War?  Can you tell us more about it? Can you partner your local heritage group, or work with your local school to uncover the part played by your business during the War?

Businesses can play a great part in supporting Derbyshire communities in their commemoration projects.

Record Office, Libraries and Museums

If you are looking to investigate your community’s past, there is a wealth of information at your disposal within the Derbyshire Record Office, Local Studies Library, local Library, or Museum.

The Record Office can offer training to help you find the information you need and your local Library is a great source of published information and general information on what is going on in your community. Libraries may also be able to offer space to display small exhibitions of what your researches uncover.