Ripley: Crossley Park Memorial

In a project funded by Amber Valley Borough Council, Ripley Town Council and Ripley British Legion, using the Armed Forces Community Covenant Grant, Ripley’s Crossley Park was renovated in the WW1 Art and Memorial Project. Pictures drawn by pupils at Lon’s School illustrating the specially created fictional work ‘Tommy’s Story’.  The story about two friends who join up to fight in the Great War, showing life on the front line and the effect the war had on them and their families, features on an interpretation panel in the park.  The pictures were made into mosaics and mounted on nine stone plinths encircling the bandstand.

The last plinth holds the relocated war memorial which was formerly hidden away in an obscure, hard to get to area of the park.

Groundwork Creswell, Ashfield & Mansfield and Crestra Ltd carried out the work to redevelop the area and widened pathways, re-sited the sundial, painted the bandstand and relocated the war memorial, moving it to its new position where it can be easily accessed and viewed by everyone.

The whole project was completed in time for the 100th anniversary of World War One and the war memorial was rededicated on Armistice Day 2014.