Derby, Six Streets History

The Six Streets community group of Derby, were awarded £7400 by the HLF to explore the impact of the First World War on the ‘Six Streets’ neighbourhood.

As well as researching the stories of the men who went away to fight, they also looked at the effect the war had on the families still at home and how the war affected the neighbourhood and Derby itself .  Research was carried out looking in resources such as newspapers and parish magazines to piece together the information.

The range of stories discovered was indeed varied, including involvement in many different regiments; people who served in the Royal Navy or the Royal Navy Volunteer reserve; men who trained as pilots in the newly formed Royal Air Force. They found stories of individuals such as the German immigrant who joined the British Army in 1911 but was found “surplus to requirements” in 1915; the conscientious objector who went on to serve with the Non-Combatant Corps and the boy of 17 who tried to join up several times despite being under age. They also looked at how local women volunteered for the Red Cross, working at home knitting and sewing hospital supplies, or volunteering at the local Red Cross Auxiliary Hospital for wounded soldiers on Duffield Road.

Information including profiles of local people are on the project’s website. A history guide was produced, also available on the website with individual copies delivered to all houses in the Six Streets area.